Blandior was originally created to fulfil the creator‘s need of something different, unique and exclusive. Something that didn‘t exist in the market at the time, something so special that it would stand out from a crowd as a sign of confidence and self expression. That was the main vision and inspiration that kept the Blandior‘s creator to sit throughout days and nights to create the first handmade collection - Spike.
After reliesing first few pieces of the collection it was quickly sold out, became popular nationwide and created a big wave of recognition and admiration from our customers and competitors. That, for us, was a sign of going to the right direction and becoming a new innovative leader in the jewelry world.
Every piece of Blandior jewelry is carefully handmade using high quality crystals, silver, gold, gold plated parts and gem stones. High end handcrafting skills, usage of only highest quality products on the market has made Blandior the brand of timeless quality.
Now Blandior is a strong brand for mature souls. We keep combining elegance with extravagance, softness with sharpness, we‘re making brave turns in the designs and emboldening the power of being different.

Back from when it was created Blandior‘s mission has always been to make a difference. Jewelry for us is so much more than just another part of fashion world. It is art, passion and self expression on another, much deeper, level.
Our inovative designs challenges one to be brave and edgy, to show the world one‘s true colors through the art of jewelry. We truly believe that every single piece chosen by a soul becomes an expression of personality and looks different on everybody.
The perfect balance between expected and unexpected.
The sense of uniqueness in the world of standard trends.
Freedom to be unique, luxury yet edgy designs, longevity and high aims to always exceed customers‘ expectations are what keeps us inspired and passionate about every step we take.


Blandior is currently originated in Europe, Baltic States,
but, as a brand of innovations and quality will keep growing worldwide. We continuously are looking for new opportunities to expand in other markets while assuring the best quality possible.